DSpace is the repository platform that powers more than 40% of the open knowledge repositories registered worldwide. It is a great choice as it:

  1. Open source software.
  2. Has a global community of users, developers and ambassadors. Almat is an active member of this community.
  3. Complies with international metadata standards and information exchange protocols.
  4. It has a friendly and easy to use interface, and great scalability.

As registered service providers, we offer top quality at affordable prices:

Tech Support

Personalized, direct consulting to institutions, companies and developers.

Flexible plans and pricing schemes:

  • Full support plans per year, semester or trimester.
  • Single ticket assitance or consulting.
  • Email, phone or video based support.



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Full Implementation

Expert consulting for planning, development and integration of DSpace based digital repositories.

Our benefits:

  • Information life cycle design and re-engineering.
  • Workflow integration.
  • Metadata enforcing and assesment.
  • Installation, customization and theming.


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Design and Development

Plugin development to meet your specific needs.

We offer:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Video streaming
  • Submission forms customization
  • Metadata schema modifications
  • Theming based on the organization's corporate image


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Cloud based, flexibe, reliable and scalabe hosting.


  • 99% availabilty.
  • Special discounts for tech support and customization.
  • Migration and installation included.
  • Amazon AWS based solutions



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  • For sysadmins and developers. Designed to allow tech personal to install, configurate and give mantenaince to DSpace instances.
  • For repository administrators. Focused on community, collections, groups, roles, and permisions management.
  • Submission workflows. For item submitters, reviewers and editor that wish to manage the approval of items and metadata.